Ron Lundy, 77 WABC New York | January 7, 1981

770 New York WABC

Ron Lundy

From contributor Bob Gilmore comes this original recording of WABC in its final full year as a music station. Notice the station has made some changes from the previous year; WABC is no longer a hot Top 40 station. Gone are most of the jingles. The reverb has been shut off and the music is much slower, with a lot of 1960s gold selections played. Of course, this is the midday show, which traditionally in Adult Contemporary radio, used to cater to a slightly older and more mature audience. An audience which consisted mainly of housewives and at-work listeners who were less interested in screaming rock & roll but who stayed tuned in for the background music of familiar favorites. Still, WABC in January of 1981 was a contemporary radio station and still playing some bona-fide rock hits such as Blondie’s “Call Me”.

Fans of Ron Lundy will really enjoy this! The quality of this recording is excellent and Lundy sounds just as good as he ever did.

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