Ron Riley, 89 WLS Chicago | October 11, 1968

890 WLS Chicago

Ron Rileys Batman ClubDate of Recording: 10.11.1968
Station: 890 WLS Chicago, Illinois, USA
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Ronald Riley (WLS/WBKB (TV), others)
Contributor: Jim Hampton
Airchexx Entry: 1,487

…10:31 LS most music time Ron Riley feelin outta sight baby! How ’bout YOU?!


From the era before John Records Landecker & Fred Winston, the Big 89 had the edge in Chicago music radio. Here’s America’s number one Batman fan Ron Riley talking between every record and doing what so many jocks imitated over the years (to their detriment) – ‘puking’… But this is Sir Ronald Riley doing what he was best known for.

There are two (incomplete) newscasts featuring WLS News Anchor Jerry Golden. Listen for a story by reporter John Schubeck (sp). News reports will give a more complete picture of the date of this broadcast.

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  1. James

    This is so cool, I am from NE Ohio, and listened to WLS at night time in the 60s and early 70s… The best times…

  2. Rick

    Is something wrong with this file? I can’t play it.

  3. Rick

    It looks as if the date of this aircheck might be Oct 20, 68, as Ron Riley mentions it’s a Tuesday night, which wouldn’t be the 11th. Also, on the newscast Jerry Golden mentions the Presidential election is in 2 weeks.

    • And here I pinged in on the date the astronauts splashed down and thought that was the date

  4. Rick

    Correction, the date should be the 22nd or the 29th of Oct. In any event a great aircheck. Thanks!

  5. Dr Akbar

    Of all the “Silver Dollar Survey” jocks, Ron Riley handled the new format of PD John Rook the best. He keeps things moving and knows how to use intros to keep the momentum going. However, I can’t believe all the bubble gum and stiffs being played on this aircheck of the Big 89! Oh well, at least Ron knows it’s Mary Hopkin, not Hopkins as so many jocks mispronounced her last name.

  6. I remember Ron went on briefly to WORD Spartanburg, SC.

  7. Bill Miller

    Is that Lyle Dean doing the SRC & Quicksilver Messenger Service concert commercial?

  8. Mark Shayler

    Ron was at WCAO Baltimore in 1972. A scoped check of him there is included on the album BOOTLEG TOP 40 VOLUME 2.

  9. Aardvark

    That Wrigleys commercial at 13:58 is a total ripoff of The Association’s song “Windy”.

  10. Chris Akanora

    This was during the most intense period of my long-time addiction to WLS, so it’s likely I heard this. The reports of fires caused by smoking in bed were all too frequent as were concerns about ghost voters (the more things change the more they stay the same). I remember the Electric Theater, but had forgotten about the name change to Kinetic Playground! Also, I’d completely forgotten SRC. I’ll have to remedy that.

  11. Kevin Killion

    Yup, it’s Tuesday, October 22, 1968. I looked up the fire that was reported as “tonight” in the Chicago Tribune archive and that was on October 22.

    • I generally date these based upon what’s written on the tape. In this case, the CD. Thanks for looking up the info. When I get 5 minutes I’ll change the date.

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