Scott Childers Presents: The ORIGINAL WLS Music Montage

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890 Chicago 94.7 Chicago WLS Chuck Brittain Larry Lujack Fred Winston Tommy Edwards John Records Landecker Dick Biondi Jeff DavisSubmitted for inclusion into the Airchexx Archives is an original piece from website curator Scott Childers is this ORIGINAL recording.

The backstory of how this happened to be on is that several years ago, Contributor Allen Beebe sent in a recording of this montage, which was mostly correct but missing some of the original audio you hear here.

What’s really missing is the description of how this montage came into being. Scott Childers, the creator of the WLS Music Montage wrote and graciously donated a copy of the original work. It is an amazing piece of audio candy that anyone who remembers WLS Chicago will certainly love. Here’s the story of The ORIGINAL WLS Music Montage from Scott Childers:

The WLS Music Montage was created in 2001 as part of a Christmas gift for Kipper McGee, Program Director and some of the staff at WLS Talkradio 890.
Since I had a good number of the various jingle packages, I decided to string them together chronologically in a fashion similar to the WLS Musicradio Montage, which I had previously re-edited.

It starts with a recording session at PAMS and then launches right into various cuts from the first package, produced by the Anita Kerr Singers. This is followed by WLS jingles produced by PAMS, Pepper-Tanner, Studio B and finally JAM Creative Productions.

The jingle montage spans 1960-2001, and also features a couple of one offs: a 25th Anniversary cut by KenR Productions, a 1985 sweeper featuring production director and air personality Rich McMillan and a 2001 Legal ID featuring voice talent Jeff Davis (who was also a WLS jock in the 70’s and 80’s and is a fellow WLS Historian).

The piece ends, going back to the PAMS recording session with the group “singing” a Scott Childers jingle (actually sung by the KenR group).

The piece took about a week to research and properly edit. It is one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it too!

Scott Childers

WLS Historical Consultant
Program Director and Afternoon Host – WSSR Star 96.7 Chicago

Scott Childers on the web: // and on the air, AFTERNOONS on STAR 96.7 FM –

WLS History Website


  1. It seems like this should be entitled “The ORIGINAL WLS _Jingle_ Montage”, as it is NOT the WLS Music Montage they presented on New Year’s Eve. A great set of jingles, but not the famous music one.

  2. Bill

    This version sounds close, but I don’t think this is the version that was played on WLS.

    This version is missing some songs. I recall songs like Great Balls of Fire, Return to me, Purple People Eater, Bird Dog, etc.
    Didn’t Jeff Davis create the original one that played on WLS?

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