“Skinny” Tom Chauney, WTIX “The Mighty 690” New Orleans | October 16, 1972

Michael Green Music Survey from around the same time period as this

Courtesy of Contributor Steven Green, here’s a clip of The Mighty 690 WTIX from the Fall of 1972.


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This appears to be the early evening show 6-9pm. The music is true Top 40, and it’s all over the place from obscure (by today’s standards) slow tunes to hard rock. But, this is how Top 40 sounded at what, arguably, was the peak of AM Top 40 radio. Listen for a full newscast from J. Andrew Michaels beginning at 6:47 into the aircheck.


This was recently digitized from tape and one has to wonder if this was a 2nd generation copy. The recording itself is certainly listenable, but a bit muddy. While I tried to EQ this to make it sound better, that also introduced some tape hiss. It’s there, but shouldn’t be too much of an annoyance if you’re listening just for pure enjoyment. The levels on this tape were all over the place; in some spots I had to reduce the volume by -3db, other spots I reduced by -2db. Then I had to increase the entire aircheck volume up to -5db to make this sound even and loud without distortion for listening across all devices. Overall, not bad for a recording that’s 49 years old!


Steven Green is a longtime Airchexx Contributor. He has been sending in audio goodies since about 2004.
Steven is formerly from Brooklyn New York and currently lives in Austin, Texas with his dear wife, and frequently travels around the country in search of that perfect radio recording!


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