Sly Stone, 1450 KSOL San Francisco | 1967

Sly Stone In the Studio

Sly Stone KSOL StudioStation: 1450 KSOL (KSAN/KEST) San Francisco (Wikipedia)
Format: Soul
Branded: “Soul Radio”
Featured Air Personality: Sly Stone
Aircheck #1,600

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(Smokey Robinson) proved to be a gassy, very gassy, talented cat…

Curator’s Notes:

Found!  Another one of those ultra-rare airchecks of Sly Stone from his radio career before he became a well known musician.  This came in with no date written on it, however, just taking a guess, by the music snippets inside the recording that this is from sometime in 1967 (typo corrected).  Not much for elements here.  One KSOL “Soul Radio” jingle played ad-nauseum between nearly every record.  A commerical for Schlitz Malt Liquor (better than ‘local’ brews?  What local brews were available in 1964?).  No cigarette ads in this one.

In a bit of relatable programming, Stone counts the number of songs played in a row.  Did KSOL use a ‘more music’ approach’ to its format in the modern sense?

Anyone with some inside knowledge of how 1450 KSOL was programmed during this period is cordially invited to comment (below).


  1. Wayne Rogers

    This aircheck is from early ’67. The Ruffin, Smokey, and Rascals were all early ’67 releases.

  2. Bob

    Damn. You figured 1964 based on the music and the Chuck Jackson, Jimmy Ruffin, Smokey Robinson, O.V. Wright and—oh, my—The Young Rascals—were all released in 1967? Freakin’ great detective work, dude!

    • Typo. I should re read what gets posted before walking out of the studio. Be nice.

  3. Gary Kerns

    The last song played on this aircheck “Lonely Too Long” was on the “Collections” album by the Young Rascals, and the album was released January 9, 1967. Could this ‘check be that recent? BTW, I knew that Sly Stone had been a DJ, and I thoroughly enjoyed this brief ‘check.

  4. Gary Kerns

    Yes. Ok you guys blasted me. I did hear all those songs as I tightened it up and simply typed the wrong number, set it to post and went outside to work for the day.

    Tough crowd.

    Also, “Gonna Give her all the Love I’ve Got” was from ’67. I looked that up on Wikipedia, as I did “Lonely Too Long”.

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