Smokin’ Willie Bee Goode, WKCI Hamden “KC-101” New Haven | April, 1981

101.3 Hamden 101.3 New Haven WKCI KC101

Another radio great has left the planet, and with him, many sad friends. As reported by his daughter, Alton Irwin, better known as Gnarly Charly and Smokin’ Willie Bee Goode passed away on February 5, 2022. His daughter said he went painlessly, so we can only assume it was sudden – we can all only hope to go that way.

Enough of the sadness. This website will be posting new Willie Bee airchecks for the next week as they come in. There are plenty!

This one was recorded at home by contributor Bob Gilmore. It’s a high quality, yet short, recording of Willie on KC-101 in it’s early days as an almost Top 40, with lots of gold cuts in rotation. This was OUR music for sure! Dutifully scoped down by me (Steve West) for exhibition here the legal way.

Its important to understand, we are also friends with the OTHER jock known as Willie Bee – he’s a mainly west coast jock, and also part of our HitOldies WNBC Time Machine crew (scheduled for the last weekend in March 2022), best known for his work at KTNQ Ten-Q Los Angeles.   That Willie Bee is STILL WITH US!

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