Steve West, 105.9 WGKX Memphis TN | March 5, 2005

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Recorded about 6 weeks or so before being summarily let go – nevermind, wait for the book deal… your webmaster is caught trying to juggle elements around another ’12 In-a-row’, which, as the format clock said, was from the first song out of the :52 stop set until about :35 past the hour – the FIRST stop set of the hour. I dunno, consultants swore that listener habits were such that they were listening for music between the top and bottom of each hour. Some brain surgeon figured that stuff out.

Anyway, this particular morning, I arrived to note that the jingle package had been changed by then-new PD Lance Tidwell and so I was getting used to the new stagers. I’d been doing country for quite a while – it was a dream of mine to do Country music in Nashville but, I ended up settling for Memphis Tennessee.

You’ll notice the HEAVY spot load, even here on a Saturday morning. Heavy with car dealers and other, less than honorable sales ventures.

Our morning team was Jay Young and Brian Elder. No, not their real names…. well okay, Brian still uses that name for his roofing business out in East Memphis but whose counting? Young & Elder were brought in by prior PD Chip Miller, who, ironically, went over to my other, then FULL TIME job at IRN Radio crosstown. And in another twist of irony the old IRN News is now gone, the owners lost control of the network they created by some ‘irregularities’ on the investment side of the house. Hmm that sounds a bit familiar, like, RKO familiar. At any rate, Chip was a great PD, super guy, fun to be around. And of course, before that, the guy who hired me at KIX in the first place, Greg Mozingo – who went on to WIL-FM St. Louis shortly after I came onboard. So, I went through three PDs in four years at Kix 106. Try as I may, I could only get part time work – Morning news for Young & Elder, and weekend jock duties. IRN News remained my full time gig – and it was the best, but yet, a different story.

Kay Manley had just come on, or was just about to come on into the airstaff at Kix 106. She was let go by Entercom, at her longtime PD position at WRVR 104.5 sometime around the time I recorded this aircheck. We don’t hear her voice on commercials on this, so she might have arrived after. Look her up on Facebook. She’s there.

Enjoy this, the last recording I have of me on Kix 106 before moving over to WMC-FM. Frankly, while I loved KIX, I had a whole lot more fun at FM 100. That’s another story you’ll read about on this site.
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