Steve West, 99.7 WMC-FM Memphis | May 7, 2005

WMC WMC-FM FM100 99.7 Memphis Tripp Steve West Tom Prestigiacomo Ron Steve & Karen Scott Shannon

It’s a “Whatever Weekend” on FM 100! WMC-FM (CBS, inc) had its answer to the “Jack-FM” craze which saw the demise of such legendary stations as WCBS-FM New York and others (fortunately, that was a short lived debacle). Most weekends in 2005 saw the HotAC ratings leader essentially flip to a Classic Hits station, pretend that the jocks were pulling all the music themselves off CD, Vynl and… whatever (didn’t we WISH!). Well, it seemed to work. We, on this heritage airstaff, had a LOT of fun with this format, made easier by then PD Lance Ballance, whose sense of humor and skill in navigating the shark, er, suit-infested waters of 1060 Union Avenue kept most of the heat off at least some of us on-air types.

This was my second show on FM 100 after leaving crosstown WGKX. That I’d been doing country for the last four out of five years showed, but that didn’t stop me from having fun. Did I mention that at the time, I didn’t ‘quite’ get the format? And I’d been doing for three years and knew about “Jack-FM”.

I suppose that most consultants would pick this performance apart. Its really not ‘by the book’… talking in and out of songs, around intros, blabbing off at the mouth – but hey, if you’re gonna do it, the midnight-5am shift is the one to do it on.

Final note about this. When was the last time you heard of a LIVE OVERNIGHT SHOW? We sure indeed had live talent 24/7 on FM 100. That was seven, almost 8 years ago as of this writing. I wonder if its still true now?

Runs almost 40 minutes scoped down from four hours.
WMC WMC-FM FM100 99.7 Memphis Tripp Steve West Tom Prestigiacomo Ron Steve & Karen Scott Shannon

You know, it’s not about me… its just that this was so much FUN! Isn’t that why we all did radio in the first place?

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  1. I love it….and indeed, “fun” is what it was all about.

    As many of my contemporaries used to say…”it sure beats working for a living”

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