October 28, 2021

4 thoughts on “Thom Whetston, 1280 WEIM Fitchburg MA | August, 1979

  1. I’ve know Thom for years. He is the consummate professional. He’d walk through a blizzard if necessary to get to make it to his air shift. Talented and underrated in the annals of Massachusetts radio. Always enjoyed listing to him in New England!

  2. Thom said Agnes Moorhead died in ’64. I don’t know the exact year, I do know it was after that, because “Bewitched” debuted that year, and she was on it for many seasons, if not its entire run.

  3. I looked on Wikipedia, and it said that Agnes Moorhead died in either ’73 or ’74: at present I can’t remember which one.

  4. Just one slight correction: WFTQ (formerly WAAB) was in Worcester, not Nashua. It’s still operating today as sports station WVEI, simulcasting Boston’s WEEI. It was a great Top 40 station for many years.

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