Tim Griffin, 95BBF WBBF Rochester | January 2 1972

Tim Griffin, 95BBF WBBF Rochester | January 2 1972


From the late 50s, until the late 70s, 95 WBBF was a Top 40 powerhouse in Rochester, New York. It dominated in the ratings against competitors WSAY & WAXC. Many legendary western New York names worked at WBBF, including longtime morning man, Jack Palvino, Jerry Fogel (Who later became an actor, starring in The Mothers-In-Law, & The White Shadow), Ferdinand J, Tom George, Mark Driscoll, Larry White, Art Gibson, Jessica Savitch (Later of NBC News), Matt Rinaldi, & the jock featured on this aircheck, Tim Griffin. Tim started hosting evenings on WBBF, but eventually hosted early afternoons & served at the station’s Music Director.



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  1. Panama Jack

    Wierd Beird from WAKY in Louisville was PD there about that time (early 70’s) and was Burt Michaels on-air. I recognize some of the on-air elements from WAKY, like 20/20 news and somes like Dude Walker on some of the stagers.

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