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The late Gene Weed best known for KFWB and WQAM
Date of Recording: 11.23.1958
Station: 980 KFWB Los Angeles (Slogans: “Color Channel 98”, “All News 980”, “The Beast 980”, “Desi 980”, “Mera 980”)
Format (at time of recording): Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Gene Weed b 1935 d 1999 (WQAM/KFWB/AFRTS/Dick Clark Productions)
Contributor: Anonymous (per request)
Airchexx Entry: 1,484

Sixty-five degrees in the land of the KFWB Fabulous Forty…

The Aircheck Factory Gene Weed WQAM KFWB
Like new “Aircheck Factory” tape featuring Gene Weed
Known as the “Weedy One” at KFWB, Gene Weed did radio in Dallas, Omaha and Miami (at WQAM) before arriving in Los Angeles. Weed was serving in the U.S. Army, assigned to the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service in L.A., and while still on duty, began working part time at KFWB. Eventually, he became the Assistant Program Director, working directly for P.D. Jim Hawthorne (KXLA). Weed worked every shift and stayed with KFWB right up until its format change to All-News in 1968. In the 1970s, Weed went to work for Dick Clark productions where he produced and wrote several award-winning television series. The full career credits and television awards he received over the years would fill more space than we can dedicate to a man who lived a full life doing what he loved best.

Gene Weed passed away from lung cancer on August 5, 1999. A good summary of his career is available via this post from media writer Don Barrett at laradio.com from 08.05.1999

KFWB - Color Radio 98

By Steve West

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