October 17, 2021

4 thoughts on “Traine on the Radio, 95.1 WAPE-FM Jacksonville (FL) | Undated

  1. aside from being heavy on radio ads, I enjoyed this aircheck….the auto commercial indicates that this came from the Fall of 1996

  2. Trane Was one of the smoothest talking, excellent transitional radio personality, who left a great mark on the Big Ape in the late 80s. i looked forward to hearing him every time he was on. trane had a listener friendly voice, and would fit radio-banter into impossible seconds, between songs impeccable timing….which made him a master of his craft. he is sadly missed by real radio professionals who had the chance to hear him or know him. thank you TRAINE for inspiring me in my future doing voice overs.you were one of the greatest. and i have never forgotten you.i found my voice because of you… GOD-BLESS.

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