Walt Jackson & Bob Landry “Buffoon of Memphis”, 56 WHBQ Memphis | Summer 1977

560 Memphis WHBQ

Returning a classic into the Archives, here’s the station that launched the careers of Rick Dees, Jack Parnell, and even Elvis Presley.

RKO General O/O WHBQ was known as the ‘farm station’ of the RKO chain. Dees had left for Los Angeles the year prior, and the Q is still rockin.

Its 1977 and Star Wars was the Summer blockbuster hit. Listen for your chance to battle Lord Vader and perhaps win $20 in Q-Cash!

“Sooner Or Later You’ll Own General”. WHBQ must have helped sell a LOT of tires! But, question is, did the parent company ‘pay’ for their own spots (wouldn’t that be like providing a welfare check to itself?) Well… no, the sales guys would probably say those were required Agency spots. Or some darn thing.

Where would YOU like the Q-Van to go visit today? Cal 456-5656. (Go ahead, call… Maybe you’ll get the sports center!)

Bob Landry is just as fun to listen to as Walt Jackson. This aircheck is from a FUN time in Memphis radio. And, yes, 1977 was a LONG time ago.

560 Memphis WHBQ


  1. Mike Schwartz

    Actually, Rick Dees moved to KHJ a few years after this aircheck was recorded in the spring of 1979 replacing The True Don Bleu.

  2. Tony

    Would you rather live in Memphis … or Nashville?


    • Christopher, you know after all this time that I don’t post unscoped. Can’t do that without paying royalties. Its the law, my friend.

  3. radiorob

    The whole General Tire thing is one of the things that got RKO in trouble. General Tire franchise dealership in markets where RKO General had stations were “encouraged” to use the RKO station for advertising. When the accusations were first brought up there wasn’t enough evidence. However, the subject came up again and this time there was a paper trail. There were also other issues that cause the fall of RKO general.

  4. al stidham

    This aircheck proves that WHBQ had a lot more going for it than just Dees’ show. John Long and his talented air staff gave Memphis a first rate Top 40 station during the late seventies.

  5. Craig Scott

    And remember this is shortly before the death of Elvis that same summer. Interesting to hear Waylon on Q. And yes John Long programmed a terrific top 40 there and elsewhere.

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