WFIL 56 Philadelphia – 20th Anniversary Reunion | September 18 1986

WFIL 56 Philadelphia – 20th Anniversary Reunion | September 18 1986




Philadelphia’s pop powerhouse of the 1960s & 70s, Famous 56 WFIL, continued to play the hits it made famousas an oldies station from 1983 to 1987. Golden Oldies 56 WFIL decided, for just one day, to bring back the personalities that made the station great, with the WFIL 20th Anniversary. On this day, we were able to hear voices we had not heard in years, and great behind the scenes stories from WFIL’s past. On this aircheck, you will hear some of the WFIL Boss Jocks, including, Dr Don Rose, Jay Cook, Dave Parks, Tom Tyler, Dick Heatherton, J.J. Jeffrey, Brother Love, Larry Kane, & Long John Wade. The Aircheck is in 6 parts, and contains excerpts from the entire day.  -Ellis


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Dr Don Rose & Allan Stone


Jay Cook, Sally Starr, Long John Wade & Dave Parks


Dave Parks & Tom Tyler


Dick Heatherton, JJ Jeffrey & Brother Lee Love


J.J. Jeffery, Brother Love & Larry Kane


Long John Wade, J.J. Jeffrey, & Remembering Jim O’Brien


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  1. Steven Green

    Thanks. Listened to this on WFIL when they first played it. Was living in LIndenwold, NJ. Grew up in Brooklyn and was happy to hear Dick Heatherton. Listened to him on WCBS-FM a few months earlier and actually talked on the request line to him shortly before he left WCBS-FM. Love it!

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