When The Big 8 Still Served Detroit – Scott Miller, 800 CKLW Windsor | April, 1980

800 Windsor Detroit CKLW Motor City

800 Windsor Detroit CKLW Studios

Billing itself as “The Great Entertainer”, here’s a bit more subdued CKLW in the cold Spring of 1980. This is quite fascinating, as between the CanCon songs (they stick out like a sore thumb) and the tempo, it sounds pretty clearly as if the station had already moved to a more Adult-Contemporary sound. Or, perhaps its just the time of day in which this was recorded. It does sound good, however, and here’s one of the very FEW times that we get to hear a modern CKLW jingle!

I don’t know who Scott Miller is, perhaps someone familiar with Ontario radio knows. Miller sounds relaxed and enjoying himself, and I think he enhances the overall listening experience.

This aircheck took a little bit of work to clean up. It was ‘dirty’ and sounded quite muddy when it came in, on a tape containing a number of Detroit area stations. I think you’ll enjoy it now.
This is courtesy of BIG APPLE AIRCHECKS. Watermarks from Jeff Davis (Airchexx) and Jim O’Hara (BAA). Thanks to Matt Seinberg for offering it to Airchexx.
Video version coming soon to “AIRCHEXX CLASSIC RADIO” on YouTube.


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