105.7 WVBF Framingham / Boston (F-105) Fantasy Parade | 1977

105.7 Framingham Boston WVBF WROR WKLB WCLB Mike Osborne JoJo Kincaid Dale Dorman Mike Demambro Harvey Wharfield Loren Owens Wally Brine

Here’s a very interesting aircheck of Fairbanks Communications’ then recently-retooled WVBF as Top 40 “F-105”. The ‘check starts out with some strainge sounding robot promos (for lack of a better word), then moves into Frank Kingston Smith opening the F-105 Fantasy Parade in Framingham… conducted from the station rooftop.

Sure sounds like they had a fun time. Much of the airstaff is heard on this aircheck including then morning man Dale Dorman! This is the very FIRST aircheck I’ve been able to get my hands on featuring ‘Uncle Dale’ on WVBF so it’s a rare treat!

Audio quality wise, this starts out kinda bad, but quickly improves. Much tape hiss heard in the first 2 minues but by 5 minutes in this is perfectly acceptable, as it might have sounded this way on a tabletop radio had you been listening in ’77.