94 WYSP Philadelphia | June 14, 1985

94.1 Philadelphia WYSP WIP

Back in ’85, I was commuting back and forth every weekend from Norfolk, VA to my hometown in Massachusetts. It was my weekend escape from the Navy, when my ship was actually in port and not underway somewhere.

From about Dover, Delaware up to about midway up the NJTP (about 50 miles from NYC), I had my choice of TWO Philadelphia AOR stations.. 93-3 WMMR and this one, 94 YSP. WMMR was much harder, as I remember, playing more hair band stuff and more Zeppelin, etc. The alternative was to go here to 94 YSP.

I guess in 1985 I was a serious rocker, AM top 40 was completely dead, and for some reason (maybe it was Michael Jackson), I was loathe to listen to CHR for a while. So, this is a good representation of your webmaster’s crazy listening habits for a time from 1984-1987.

The jock doesn’t mention his name but, hey, I had to write some kind of summary!

Dead segues, occasional imaging… that’s what Album Rock USED to be like!