A sample of AM drive on 1050 WHN New York | 1986

In the waning days of Country music at WHN, here’s a look at how mornings sounded just before the end.

By 1987, WHN would be gone, having flipped to All-Sports as 1050 WFAN, which would move the next year in what was known as the big switch, down to 660 upon the expiration of WNBC. But before the end came… listening to this aircheck, you’ll hear a who’s who of legendary deejays in New York radio (well, at least mentioned by morning guru Del Demontreau)! Some of these went on to be a part of WYNY, others to WCBS-FM and elsewhere.

Notables on this aircheck… breaking news about a partial nuclear meltdown in the (former) Soviet Union. This would be the Chernobyl nuclear power plant but back at this time details were still sketchy

1050 WHN… the last truly succesful Country station in NYC. Thanks to Matt for sharing this with us!