Dan Ingram and Bob Shannon, 101.1 WCBS-FM | March 9, 1996 – Part 1

Dan Ingram WCBS fm 101 New York
A young Dan Ingram featured in a 77 WABC Promotions Photo, circa 1978

Here’s part one of the Dan Ingram aircheck from 3/9/96. About 16 minutes in, you’ll hear Dan’s trademarked signoff featuring “Tri-Fi Drums”, a cut Ingram began using some 35 years prior at 77 WABC. Then the clip moves into Bob Shannon, who mentions that he will be filling in for Norm N. Nite that evening.

This aircheck is actually in two parts.  I’ll have the updated second part of this aircheck posted shortly.  When this was originally posted back in 2013, the second part was accidently omitted.  Watch for part two coming soon right here on Airchexx!

Now you can view this aircheck on our Official Airchexx YouTube Channel: