Al Bandiero on WKBW 1520 Buffalo | January 28, 1979


Of all the recordings I kept over the years, only two have survived from the 70s. The first is a Chicago “Greatest Hits” cassette that I got for Christmas in 1976. The second is this aircheck that I recorded one cold winter night – from my home in Massachusetts, about 500 miles from the station.

One of the nice things about AM radio (what some would call annoying) was the nighttime propagation which with even a decent table radio would pull in these powerhouse AM top 40 stations at night. And, it was good quality, too. No computers to throw spurrious buzzes and whirrs all over the spectrum.

So it was that KB Radio was my favorite station, and Al Bandiero was definitely my favorite jock in 1979. It wouldn’t be till years later that I knew he was big at WIFI 92 in Philly, and a hit in New York at Hot 97 WQHT and even at 92 KTU.  If you REALLY want to hear some fantastic air work from Al Bandiero, click HERE to hear him on WXLO 99X, and HERE for Al Bandiero on WIFI 92 Philadelphia!


Today, Al Bandiero focuses on his acting career on TV and the big screen!  Click HERE to go to Al Bandiero’s profile on IMD.


Audio notes… I’ve remastered this now, and the source tape has degraded much over the years. Nonetheless, I think it’s a good quality aircheck that scoped, runs 12 minutes. There was so much heavy fading the night I recorded this that I had to use some processing and eq on this, so there’s a bit of compression and white noise which just can not be helped. Sorry about that. I try to leave these in the same condition as they are on the tape but this one was recorded on the cheapest of Scotch brand recording tape and I’m quite frankly surprised it lasted this long.


Click below to hear this audio-only, scoped aircheck

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