Composite: 610 KFRC – Billboard Radio Competition Winners 1980

So, you’re a KFRC fan? RKO fan? If you haven’t heard this composite, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!

This came as part of a cassette I got from Earle Augustus from the late WJZN Memphis (and now at U-92 Jazz). No wonder it won the competition!

Program Director Gerry Cagle must have had no time for a life – spending his days tweaking the sound that was San Francisco. I’ve read where KFRC was still the number one station in the city – partly due to the fabulous programming, and partly due to topography. In 1980, manufacturers still hadn’t figured out how to make car FM receivers which were less sensitive to the picketfencing effects of high power signals bouncing off the mountains & hills surrounding the city by the bay.. so KFRC reigned supreme as an AM top 40 powerhouse long after AM’s in other cities had given up.

Enough technical stuff. Who is on this aircheck? Well, a generous helping of Dr. Don Rose. Rick Shaw. Mike Novack. Mark McKay. Bill Lee (if you only advance to this part of the composite you’ll be rewarded!!) and Candi Chamberlain.

Do yourself a favor take 9 minutes and 48 seconds out of your busy day to hear how this station sounded in 1980 and see if it isn’t head and shoulders better than ANY radio station in America today.