Charlie Van Dyke with Rick Dees on 93 KHJ Los Angeles | 1976

930 Los Angeles, KHJ, KKHJ, KRTH, Don Lee, Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele, Charlie Van Dyke, Roger Christian, Gary Mack, Boss Radio, 93/KHJ

If you haven’t heard this aircheck before, you’re definitely in for a treat. Memphians know that Rick Dees was a huge star at WHBQ around the time of this aircheck. And if you think he was good there, put Dees in the same studio as Charlie Van Dyke and you have a trainwreck… or the funniest morning show ever in Boss-Angeles (oops, sorry.. wrong era).

This is vintage KHJ from 1976. Rick Dees’s Disco Duck record is number one in Los Angeles, and apparently doing a tour of RKO stations to promote it. Obviously someone in Southern California was listening this day and remembered several years later when Dees took over mornings at KIIS.

Van Dyke is definitely right on top of his game here.