Archiving A Classic: Bootleg Top 40, 1971 – Part 2 classic radio airchecks

Donated by Contributor Mark Shayler within the past year, this came from a vynl pressing done decades ago as a promotional item within radio circles. It has posted before, but this is by far the best, studio quality recording of this montage of radio stations I’ve ever heard. From what I’m told, this was a four part archive, on two records. I’m posting this without comment as there really is no need to – the historic and entertaining nature of this speaks for itself.

This is what it was all about. Top 40 radio from 1971 and it was all on AM!

Part 2 includes clips from WHB Kansas City, WLAV Grand Rapids, KROY Sacramento, WAKY Louisville, KTSA San Antonio, KDWB St. Paul and more! Listen for Bill Bailey, John Leader, Dave Williams, Tim Kelly, The True Don Bleu, and Charlie Stone.

Aircheck #1,392 Since May 2, 2002!