B Mitchel Reed, 980 KFWB Los Angeles | Summer, 1967


Runs 8:33 – Telescoped

B. Mitchel (correct spelling) Reed was a pioneering disk jockey who worked in both of the United States’ largest markets. At one time, he was called the fastest mouth in America, due to how fast his delivery was. (No offense, but Broadway Bill Lee perfected the art!)

This recording is from Reed’s second tour of KFWB. Listen to the commercials! Those are amazing, and we haven’t heard anything like those in a very long time! The music is telescoped out, as usual, but from the bits you hear surrounding Reed’s jock patter, aren’t those some rare songs? Many didn’t chart well, and others had no lasting power.

Overall, this is a fantastic aircheck for a lot of reasons. It’s a rare history lesson on how Top 40 radio used to be – on the AM BAND.

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