Ron O’Brien, WCFL Chicago, Part 1 | 1973

WCFL Chicago
Big Ron O’Brien Sketch while at WPGC Morningside

Recording Date: 1973 (Exact Date Unknown)
Station: 1000 WCFL (WLUP) (WMVP) Chicago (Wikipedia) (WMVP Website)
Branded: “The Voice of Labor”
Ownership: Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL Union) (Website)
Featured Air Personality: Ron O’Brien (Richard Wallis 10.24.1951 – 04.27.2008) (KBAB/WCFL/WXLO/WRKO/WNBC/KIIS-FM/WPGC/WYXR/WOGL (Wikipedia)
Contributor: David Hudach
Segments: Part 1 | Part 2

7 O’clock at the Voice of Labor!

Curator’s Notes:

There are three breaks in this 15 minute tape, each one appears to be a different broadcast day. Our contributor wrote:

I have a 27 minute compilation aircheck of Big Ron O’Brien from the 70′s. Early 70′s and then later when CFL was running The Last Contest. Myself and friends were from Struthers, Ohio at the time and loved Big Ron. We were involved in our high school FM radio station and aspired to be big city radio jocks. At one point probably in 72-73 we actually called Big Ron and asked him to say something about us on the air. He couldn’t do that, but he did mention Struthers, Ohio when he introed Sister Mary Elephant by Cheech and Chong. We were thrilled. That segment is about 6 minutes into the aircheck. In addition, when Big Ron went to WXLO NY, four of us took a bus trip to NYC and visited Big Ron. After calling him that first time, we managed to keep in touch with him off and on and when hearing that he had gone to 99X, decided to take the trip. He was super to us young kids and we never forgot that. By the way, this CFL aircheck is a true classic.

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