Big Zach; The “New Star-98” WZST Signal Mountain/Chattanooga | August 19, 1996

One would think that a station sounding this good would have been around for a while. Perhaps it’s the poor signal that killed off the station known as “The New Star 98” – Even on top of Signal Mountain, just one-thousand watts pushed the station’s reach barely into Chattanooga’s suburbs.

Your webmaster happens to genuinely LIKE WZST 98.1 as presented here, featuring Big Zach. The music is the standard HotAc fare heard in the mid-90s (and didn’t THAT bring back some memories), presented in an almost CHR approach.

One thing that amazes me is just how much radio call letters are recycled around the country. From 1992 to present, there have been six different sets of call letters on 98.1 from Signal Mountain, TN. Conversely, the WZST call letters have been in use on 100.9 in Westover, WV (where they are currently), 1410 AM in Leesburg, FL, 98.1 as presented here, 95.9 in Portage, WI and 102.7 in Appomattox, VA.