Bill Bailey, 97 WWDJ Hackensack NJ | November 27, 1971

Bill Bailey in 1971

Recording Date: 11.27.1971
Station: 970 WWDJ (WTTT/WNYM) Hackensack, NJ
Branded: “97 DJ”
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personality: Bill Bailey
Contributor: Sandy Bailey
Total Time: 6:55
Aircheck #1,585




Six-Oh Five with the original Bill Bailey, Saturday night music and I think I can relate to this…

Curator’s Notes:

With, perhaps, more than two dozen reels still to go through, here’s another ORIGINAL reel from the archives of Bill Bailey, submitted by his widow, Sandy Bailey. I have mostly left the tapes as they sounded in analog, except for a few things that had to be done. First, likely to playback issues on our end, there was a bit of 60 hz line hum that had to be removed. Worse, the tape played back at a slightly faster pitch than normal, so dropping the speed just a tad to match that of other airchecks from Bill Bailey was essential. Outside of that, I left the audio alone, as Mr. Bailey scoped these down very tightly himself.

I think you’ll be quite amazed with the quality of this reel to reel master. It was a bit tempting to do a bit of post production on it but in the end I decided it was perfect just as recorded. And, besides… just how many airchecks of WWDJ are there out there on the web? Um.. virtually none! But this IS the station that rattled around the creators of 9! heads!