6 thoughts on “Bill Bailey, 97 WWDJ Hackensack NJ | 1972

  1. In the late ’60s, 970 in Hackensack was WJRZ and it was country. In fact, at least one of their jocks (Lee Arnold) went to NYC’s WHN when it went country.

  2. I grew up in the Boston area, and as far as I know Bill never worked in Boston. I wish he had been on the air there. He’s very talented; outstanding voice and great top 40 delivery!

  3. I worked with Bill at KZBS Oklahoma City I did mornings & Bill followed me on the radio. I was amazed how humble and polite he was a true gem to hang with. Bill you are missed ( Gone To Soon ).
    Cat Simon

    1. That does seem logical. I posted the date as it was written on the reel it came from. All the Bill Bailey airchecks come from his estate via his widow, Sandy Bailey. Other than those dates written (which might have been taped over with a later aircheck – I used to do that sometimes and forget to write the new date on it), the only other clues are on the recording itself. I could literally spend a whole day looking up news items. Some things are obvious clues. Others not so much. Thanks for the info.


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