Bill Berlin, 1240 WKDA Nashville | December 27, 1968

Right off the reel, here’s a brand new exhibit from Karl Phillips. WKDA has occupied three AM frequencies, that we know of, since 1968. 1240, as in this aircheck, more recently as a Spanish station on 1430, and currently on 1200 (later info courtesy FYBUSH.COM) after a move there in 2002.

This aircheck is unique for a number of reasons. First, this really is typical of most of the top 40 stations in the late 60s. Sure, there was WLS, WABC and a handful of others which always stand out. But most of the middle & large markets had stations which sounded very much like this. And they sure were popular. Especially when you realize that WKDA was only a 1,000 watt station by day and 250 watts at night. Yet, people remember the DJs who graced these stations.

Bill Berlin is one we’ve actually had numerous requests for. Aaah for the days when radio had this kind of lure. People do remember their favorite jocks, even when the signal didn’t go much outside of the city limits. Berlin had the 8pm to midnight shift. Listen to the echo that he could insert at the push of a button. Listen to the jingles. Who cut these? Heller, perhaps?

This reel was recorded on both sides, thus, it’s in two parts. Enjoy a bit of wacky Bill Berlin, and the hits that virtually NOBODY plays, save for a few Aretha Franklin hits!

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