Bill Berlin on 1240 WKDA Nashville – Part 2 | December 27, 1968

Just to prove that 8pm to Midnight were the ‘rock hours’ on top 40 AM radio, you’ll hear (scoped) hits by the Beatles and even Deep Purple, mixed in with the top Motown sounds. What’s really amazing about this aircheck, while Berlin is a ‘puker’ (weren’t they all back then?), he does a masterful job of getting requests on the air.

Notable here, not many stations were known for airing phone requests in 1968, but there are plenty on this recording. Berlin must have been working up a sweat in a control room with no computers, just manual cueing of carts, 45s and reels. Jocks really WORKED for their pay. Note the sports and even breaking news, all handled professionally by the jock on duty. Gang, this is what we jocks got into the business for in the first place.