Bill Stevens, 95 KIMN Denver | 1971

950 Denver KIMN

Calling 95 KIMN Denver popular, might be an understatement. It is a Denver radio legend that, in the mid 60’s, overwhelmed the competition with a 56 share of the audience! KIMN could be heard in New Mexico, Nebraska and South Dakota. At one time, the station claimed more listeners in Cheyenne, Wyoming than any local station there. From the 1950s, to the 1980s, 95 KIMN cranked out the hits. Some amazing talent graced the mike at KIMN over the years, like Chuck Buell, Mort Crowley, Stu Evans, Jim Herron, Al Hogan, Bobby Irwin, Al Lohman Jr., Jay Mack, CC McCartney, Smiling Jack Merker, Mike Metz, Bill Minckler, Johnny Mitchell, Hal Moore, Mike Morgan, Phil Mueller, Gary Owens, Pogo Poge , John Ravenscroft, Carl Strandell, Johnny Williams, & Bill Stevens. This aircheck features Bill Stevens from 1971. Sadly, Bill Stevens (Dave Shaw) passed away in 1977.

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