Billy Burke, Hot Hits 98 WCAU-FM Philadelphia | November 27 1981


Pure, uncut, Hot Hits! This is what the Hot Hits Format sounded like when radio consultant Mike Joseph installed the format on 98 WCAU-FM in 1981.

Lots of energy, lots of the original TM Fusion jingles, and lots of quick jock banter into jingles, out of jingles, over jingles. A jingle is played after EVERY element, which adds to the energy. This aircheck is actually the OVERNIGHT show! I recorded this from Midnight to 1:30 am, on Thanksgiving 1981, & Billy Burke was the jock. There is even a newscast, loaded with production elements, on this aircheck.

The Hot Hits format was about 9 weeks old when I recorded this. Even notice the revel cranked very high. There was no mistaking the sound of WCAU-FM with any other station in Philly!








From the Ellis B Feaster You Tube Radio Aircheck & Classic TV Channel.







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Mike McCoy
August 16, 2019 at 12:47 pm

A lot of people are unaware that Mike Joseph was laying the groundwork for his HOT HITS format in 1979 at WCKS (CK101) in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I did middays there at the time and after listening to this WCAU/Philly aircheck it’s so similar to what he had us doing. We didn’t use “Hot Hits” verbiage but jingles used a lot of “Hit” terminology, ie “Hit after Hit.” MJ would sit in hotel room airchecking jocks and if you talked more than :08 seconds you got hotlined.

    August 16, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    Wow! I knew of a few of the early Hot Hits stations, but I never knew WJRR was once one of them. Please, please, please tell me, you have an aircheck of the station? I so want to hear it!

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