Bob Campbell, WNVZ Z104 Norfolk VA | December 8, 1983

104.5 Norfolk WNVZ Z104 HotHits

…My lips are turnin’ blue just thinking about it!

You’ll notice the audio quality isn’t as good as it could be, but heck, the tape is what, 17 years old! Sometimes one wonders how tape can last that long! Here’s a bit of Bob Campbell on Z104. Not sure I’ve heard him anywhere else. I’m sure one of our visitors could fill us in, in the comment section below.

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Now! For the good stuff. Here’s the original video, edited by our Content Editor Ellis B. Feaster!

Ellis B. Feaster at Z88.3 Orlando

To all of our “Hot Hits” (TM) fans and followers of consultant Mike Joseph, listen for the “Hot Hits” jingles that were used at WTIC-FM Hartford, WFBL Syracuse, WCAU-FM Philly and even KITS San Francisco. This jingle package got a lot of traction and was in use for 10 years in the CHR format! Check out the reverb in use in the audio chain. Man, that sounded good! There’s lots of live promos here and mentions of places around the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area, so listen closely and maybe you’ll hear your favorite hangout mentioned!

There’s plenty more where this came from. Visit often and watch for more from the Ellis B. Feaster collection!