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Contributor Allen Beebe (WNBC/KNFX/KODE/KGBC/KNOE/KMJC) sent this in on the occasion of the passing of legendary KHJ Los Angeles producer Bill Mouzis, who passed away on January 12, 2013 at the age of 90.

The L.A. Observed posted a wonderful obituary for Mouzis which you can read HERE.

Sometimes the road to Airchexx is long and twisted. The originator of this file was Sam Harrell, who sent it to Scott Seagraves (WCFL), who, in turn, sent it to our Contributor. Allen Beebe is a site friend who asked that it be shared here, on Airchexx.

This starts with a STEREO KHJ jingle, then a Beach Boys cover about BOSS RADIO IN L.A. KHJ called “The New KHJ. It featured all the KHJ jocks, and I believe, the Beach Boys themselves singing the actual song. Listen for Batman & Robin – was a great promotion, ‘Guess the Batphone secret number’.. This is apparently an hour of spliced together promos, interviews and now-historical pieces that KHJ aired in its first years as “Boss Radio”

Without going into more details and giving up the wonderful secrets that this piece has to share, I’ll just say, this is the BEST production piece I’ve ever heard, and it gives the listener more details about the storied beginnings of 93/KHJ’s Top 40 programming than mere words could ever do.

A MUST LISTEN for anyone interested in the evolution of AM Top 40 Radio!

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