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I’m gonna go this week with WKBW (now All-Sports ESPN 1520 WWKB)

Al BandieroIf there was ONE radio station that influenced me the most growing up, it had to be KB in Buffalo. You see, the photo is a publicity shot of Al Bandiero when he had the evening 7-midnight shift right after Jim Snowden. KB ROCKED during the late 70s and early 80s!
About that photo.. I WON that in a KB “Album Rush”, along with Al Stewart’s latest album.. the name escapes me just now but it had the hit song “Time Passages” on it. I was shocked. So was Al, I’m sure, to get a winner from 500 miles away! Today, the stations just say you have to come to the station to pick up your prize!

This week’s featured aircheck –

If you liked 9! – The Ultimate Radio Format, you’ll LOVE 99!

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We really need help right now.  Between your webmaster’s car accident and other things, we are looking for donations.  I outlined the studio needs in order to keep airchexx running smoothly (ok… crawling along now but moving forward.  Please donate to Airchexx! 🙂
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Airchexx Where Classic Radio LivesAs promised, the list of things needed to update and maintain this website is important to list here.  Perhaps someone can help with equipment or a donation.

  1. A studio, professional reel to reel player.  Literally, I have an early 1960s mono Wollensak home player.  It works, but It’s no good for mastering anything besides mono 3 3/4 or 7 1/2 reels.  Small reels at that.  And no, sending tapes out of house for mastering won’t cut it.  I do ALL the audio here in the home studio.
  2. Stereo Mixing Console.  Now, I’m not looking for anything fancy like a Wheatstone board.  Just need something to replace this Behringer Eurorack UB-1204.  Every pot and switch has dead zones.. in fact, I don’t dare move a slide pot out of fear the audio will disappear and never return.  No funds to replace at present.
  3. The biggie… We need a new master computer.  This system has been brought back from the dead three times now.  I built it from scratch back in 2007 and that’s a pretty long life for a production machine.  I’ve gone through four different hard drives and upgraded the DDR2 memory sticks to four gigs, but I’m not having any luck finding new hardware that will work with the old intel board.  It’s time.

Total cost for all this:  I estimate around $2,000.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Steve West

What’s New?

Well, kids… it’s time for our weekly update!

Orange MassFrom my hometown of Orange, Mass., (which, by the way, is the town that was used to film Castle Rock) is Steve Dahl. Now, this isn’t the same Steve Dahl from Chicago, this is a guy I grew up with. He’s cool, and he has a band called THE REUNION. A little of this and a little of that. Get ready to hear their demo… coming tomorrow (he promised it would be after their 6pm jam session tonight. Love it!)

Ok… that guy you know as Steve West?  Oh yea.  That’s me.  If I get another radio gig I’ll probably use that name.  But… don’t bother looking for him on Facebook… because in the cyber world.. (dum dum duuuuuuum).  he died.  So, if  you need to contact your friend Steve West, you have to look for Steven E. Sawyer on Facebook.  In fact, our contacts throughout social media are pretty simple and you should know about them right here.  You can click the links to check out his page and posts.  Ready?

@Airchexx on TwitterSteve West on MeWe (yep.  I’m tryin it out!)… and the webmaster, curator and radio jock Steve West, better (well… originally and now) known as Steven E. Sawyer on Facebook!!

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Howard Hoffman

Howard Hoffman on KABC

Howard Hoffman! The creative genius behind 9! (Nein) and 99!, legitimate Toon voiceover talent, talk show host and one of the hottest DJ’s ever to crack a mic (we’re talking WABC New York, WPRO-FM Providence and more!).. and we can’t say enough about him.

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