Bruce Morrow, 77 WABC New York | May, 1969

Cousin Brucie at WCBS-FM

Many remember Cousin Brucie from his days at CBS-FM. Certainly, he sounded fantastic there! Our older visitors will likely vividly remember Bruce Morrow as the evening personality at WABC.

While WABC was nearly always nicely polished, Bruce Morrow’s night show was, well, not quite as polished in its presentation. But Cousin Brucie’s personality more than any other shone through brightly. So much so, that in 1969, Morrow was carrying about 66 percent of all listeners in New York at any given time 7-10 pm! With that accomplishment, Morrow could pretty much do whatever he wanted on the air. What he did, was be the warm and kind ‘cousin’ to the kids. Truly a friend on the radio that they listened to loyally, night after night.

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This tape is in bad shape, with a lot of dropouts and fades. But thanks to the historic nature of this show, it’s posting as is. Enjoy and Comment!