Buck Ritchie, KAYO “Country KO” 1150 Seattle | Sometime 1964

1150 Seattle KAYO

From the Aircheck trader’s board at our co-located sister site, Radioinsight.com comes this super-old and very rare aircheck of Country station KAYO 1150 Seattle. This is a scoped recording, however, very noticable while editing this down from the original, this morning show was very sold out… plus, notice (especially you kids…), this is NOT a ‘more music’ station by any stretch. The jock, Buck Ritchie, is really coming across like a country personality. This could be good or bad, depending upon how one looked at hillbilly-types back in 1964 in Seattle.. but he definitely fit the music and the format here.

Noteables: KAYO local Seattle news on the Hour, Mutual news on the hour and half hour, LOTS of local commericals, and not even ONE station jingle. This is dry, with a few songs per hour, and a jock that rambles on and on… Personality radio? yes. Easy to listen to? Well… not for this webmaster. But this is definitely a history lesson for anyone wondering where the Country format was over 40 years ago.