Captain Whammo, 95.5 WMET Chicago | 1978

95.5 Chicago WMET

Jim Channel, aka “Captain Whammo”

The audio player directly below will play the telescoped, but long, complete aircheck tape as originally digitized at Big Apple Airchecks. The video is the short edited version.

The story of a Christian Radio host which begins here.. as a bad boy Rock n Roll WMET DJ competing with John Records Landecker on WLS in the same time slot.

There are stories, but to read them, you’ll have to google Jim Channel (We did it for you). At last report he was doing a syndicated Classic Contemprary Christian show.


Recently digitized from reel by Matt Craig of Big Apple Airchecks, this aircheck is of varying quality, but overall it improves from about AM quality to stereo FM quality by the end of this long scope. There is a bit of tape hiss, but overall it’s not bad. Because the recording was so old, I performed a bit of light processing to bring this up to nearly broadcast quality for presentation.

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Big Apple Airchecks is one of our original contributors, having donated several hundred airchecks since 2002. Owner Matt Craig is an aircheck collector and maintains a library of cassette tapes numbering in the thousands. You can view most of his collection at //, where his tapes are meticulously catalogued by market and tape number. Matt trades with other collectors, so if you have something of interest, you may wish to contact him. His email address is

Matt lives on Long Island with his wife Marcy, their daughter and three cats!