Carla Leonardo, 94.5 WCOZ Boston | 1983

Carla Leonardo, 94.5 WCOZ Boston | 1983



WCOZ was one of Boston’s Rock stations through the 1970s & into the 80s. Many in Boston remember it’s on air slogan, “Kickass Rock ‘N’ Roll!” It was extremely successful, peaking with a phenomenal 13.1 in the ratings. But with the changes in rock music during the early 1980s, the station’s success did not last. WCOZ’s main rival, 104 WBCN took over the top spot in the ratings. By late 1983, WCOZ had changed formats to Adult Contemporary. Using the slogan, “The Best Show In Boston,” along with Jam’s The Best Show” jingle package, the station tried to find an audience once again, but it was not to be. By fall 1984, the new format was ditched. The station flipped format once again, this time to Contemporary Hit Radio, a space that was already occupied by HitRadio 103 WHTT, & WXKS Kiss 108. With it’s new calls, WZOU, the station managed to carve out a niche for itself, especially when WHTT left the format to become WODS, Oldies 103. This aircheck features Carla Leonardo, who left Boston radio, and entertained Chicago for decades, until she passed away in 2013


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