88.1 WTBS

Top 40 Parody: 88.1 WTBS Cambridge

Top 40 Parody from then 88.1 WTBS (now WMBR) Cambridge. From Contributor Steven Green comes another gem of a recording! Admittedly, the audio quality from this cassette dub from the original reel isn’t the best, however, it is quite amusing listening to these student broadcasters try to imitate Top 40 radio from that era. This sounds like 1966, and the only station in Boston which sounded remotely like this parody was 1510 WMEX. “This is the big boss sound in Boston baby! Much more music and… SEX! So, this is “The Joe Schmo Go Go Show on “Wittabis“! Lots of high energy and high pitched voices heard here, some funny commercials with hilarious lines and there’s even a faux newscast quoting radio writer Claude Hall ‘reporting’ that Top 40 ...

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