Jason Garrett on 107.5 KHYT Tucson | 1996

Description by Contributor Jason Garrett… From 1994-1996, the parody show, “70’s Saturday Night with Jason Garrett; Live on the Polyester Radio Network” enjoyed strong ratings success on KVRY-Variety 104.7/Phoenix. In 1996, the station flipped formats back to its heritage KZZP calls. But […]

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Kid Corona, 95.5 KOY-FM Phoenix | 1991

Kid Corona on Y95 Phoenix – Description by Jason Meyers (Garrett): (at left) This gem from 1991 features The Original Kid Corona as heard on KOY-FM Phoenix, “Better Music, Y-95” Rick Thomas was PD who a year earlier left XHTZ-FM; Jammin’-Z90 San […]

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