Mike Sheridan

Mike Sheridan, 710 WGBS Miami | April 21, 1978

…Music Radio 7000, the new WGBS… Got the music you wanna hear… When was the last time you heard a complete overnight music show six-hour Condensed down to 39 and a half minutes, scoped, here’s the full six hour live show that Mike Sheridan did – recorded from the station skimmer tape machine! As the story goes, supposedly the reason that WGBS re-branded to call itself Music Radio Seven-Thousand was… well I guess, probably an act of desperation. They wanted a station name that was longer than Y-100* A few personal observations. First, I like Mike Sheridan. He’s up overnight, hopefully with a 32 oz coffee mug! Does the show almost perfect, with only a couple of hiccups, toward the end. Second… the format. This station sounds like a number of AM...

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