770 WABC,Charlie Greer,Daniel Coulombe,New York Charlie Greer, 77 WABC New York | October 5, 1965

Charlie Greer, 77 WABC New York | October 5, 1965

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Charlie Greer WABC Promotional photo

Date of Recording: 10.05.1965
Station: 770 WABC (WJZ) New York, New York, USA
Format: Top 40
Featured Air Personalities: Charlie Greer, Peter Jennings (news)
Contributor: Daniel Coulombe (CKTS/CJMQ/others)
Airchexx Entry: 1,472

“That’s Number One in New York, Hang On Sloopy by the McCoys…”


Just when you thought you’d heard every WABC aircheck ever recorded, we give you this, courtesy of Contributor Daniel Coulombe. There are some significant historic portions of this recording. Nothing that happened on this date, but some of the content is priceless! First, you’ll notice right away that the Charlie Greer show is very sold out. There are two and three commercials played between every record! Many of those commercials are live reads. Second, this is so old that you will hear a commercial for Winston cigarettes. Remember? “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”. Maybe not in real life but the jingle is quite memorable.

There are two news segments in this recording. The first is headlines and then right back to Charlie Greer. The second is a full ABC Network newscast at the top of the hour, anchored by none other than Peter Jennings! Talk about amazing!

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All the station imaging is voiced by Dan Ingram. This would continue right up until nearly the end of the MusicRadio era. Also, somewhat of an anomaly, the Chime Time ‘chime’ is missing it’s jingle. I recall reading where right around this time they started using the chime but without the acapella WABC female jingle singers. Played by itself it sounds rather strange to those of us who remember it used for about ten years with the jingle.

Runs 31:26, scoped.

5 thoughts on “Charlie Greer, 77 WABC New York | October 5, 1965”

  1. “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” I was 3 when this aircheck was made but I still remember that jingle in later years before cigarette ads were banned. My late father smoked Winston but I never picked up the habit thankfully. Funny thing was three decades later I wound up working for a division of Winston’s competitor.

  2. one of my all-time thrills was being able to sit in the studio and watch Charlie’s show. I had written to him asking about a station tour when I was visiting NYC in the spring of 1966. He wrote back saying to let him know when I was going to be in town. WABC at the time I believe was at 7 W.66th St. I showed up and Charlie ushered me into the studio. What a nice guy! I spent an hour watching his show. He made it look effortless.

  3. The “spot-load was sold out” as this was when Charlie was back in Mid-Days (after the Bob Dayton “Pearl Harbor” fiasco)–and quite frankly this aircheck HAS “been around” at LEAST 15 years that I KNOW of.

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