Chip Binder, 1220 WGAR Cleveland | April 22, 1980

The second of two perfect-quality, right off the air monitor airchecks of Chip Binder on WGAR courtesy of Joy Binder! This time from 1980, listen as Musicradio 1220 sounds essentially as it did in ’79, complete with reverb and all!

Be amazed realizing that Chip was an overnight guy… who today with that talent and voice would probably be holding down a top 10 morning drive gig with a partner. Why? Well, the obvious. Overnights almost everywhere today are either voicetracked, a satellite feed or jockless. And if there’s actually a live jock on the air, they usually sound horrible (apologies to all the overnight jocks out there, but hey, everybody starts somewhere, right?). But certainly almost nowhere does one hear an overnight jock with the professionalism heard on this 6 minute recording.

This is a good history lesson. You MUST listen, to hear what AM radio was just before it all came to an end. Great radio, from the Great Lakes region where there was so much of it before AM died.