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Today is National Military Podcast Day - October 5th

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The official description of this day according to is:

National Military Podcast Day, celebrated on October 5, has a dual purpose. The goal is to honor the stories and experiences of ex-military men and women as well as acknowledge their endurance, bravery, and survival. The healing power of talking was one of the driving forces behind the creation of this day. It aims to support veterans to share their stories and start the healing process. Podcasting is certainly the perfect way to both entertain and enlighten Americans and those listening from around the world.

My story.   I enlisted in the United States Navy in 1984, six months prior to my 21st birthday.   Truth be told, I very nearly became a U.S. Marine.  I had scheduled both recruiters to come to my home on a Saturday morning in April.   The Marine recruiter came first.  I had a miserable childhood where I was bullied incessantly and the thought of being a marine meant, in my mind, nobody would ever touch me again.   The uniforms, the respect... I was ready to sign, but then dad pulled me aside and said, "son, I admire your desire to join the marines and I would be very proud of you, but I don't want to lose my son in a senseless war". Dad was always wiser than I gave him credit for. He continued, "The Navy recruiter is coming in a few minutes, why don't you hear what he has to say before you make up your mind". 

Long story short, I came to my senses and joined the Navy.

Not that my Naval service was a piece of cake... I had my problems with it, many of my own making, but I saw and experienced some things on active duty that no human being should ever have to experience.   Thats where veterans services come in.   This 'podcast day' celebration seems to have some good tools to help those who survived combat, and other service-related trauma.  And trust me, except for, perhaps, a few air force guys, EVERYONE who serves one term of enlistment suffers some kind of trauma.  That includes many officers as well as enlisted. 

While this is, a place of happiness and joy, won't you take a moment to do or say something nice to one who served in any branch of our armed forces?   One cannot understand what went through, without either having served, or hearing their stories.   Then, put together a podcast about the military.   You may surprise yourself!