Composite: 1050 WHN New York | February 9, 1976

Get ready to be entertained. Go pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and listen! Here’s an hour and a half of Country legend 1050 WHN.

The first voice you hear is that of a relatively unknown Country Music singer known as Barbie Benton. She was better known for her appearances on Hee Haw, and even better known in her four separate appearances in the buff in Playboy magazine. She definitely leaves a lasting impression – at home behind a microphone, and although not polished for radio, she’s a natural communicator. She was a guest DJ this particular night.

Next up is someone named just Jessie. She IS polished for radio and compliments Benton quite well. Or perhaps its the other way around!

The biggest ‘treat’ here is listening to Alan Colmes! For those of you who might be thinking that WHN had a talk show, no, Colmes was a Country music DJ and he fits right in here – although hearing that voice, its tempting to think he’s going to bash the president or someone political! Nope! That would come later, even after his stint at WNBC, where his was the final voice heard before NBC signed off 660 AM forever!

Rounding out the last third of this aircheck are Bobby Wayne and Del Demontreau, two very well known personalities known during the Country music period on WHN.

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