Composite: 1260 KYA San Francisco | September, 1973

1260 San Francisco KYA

Well, isn’t this aircheck reminiscent of a similar crisis we’re experiencing today? It opens up with a ‘special’ bulliten where KYA tells listeners that they will suspend normal public service messages in order to tell Bay area residents where they can purchase gas. After that, this is a really great, tightly scoped aircheck.

This is amazing to hear, but not unexpected. They say a rising tide raises all boats, and with KFRC, one of the best Top 40 radio stations of all time in the same market, any wannabe competitor had to make every attempt to be at least as good. KYA certainly sounds good enough here to rise to the top of any other market in the nation – it certainly rivaled KFRC in sound, even if they couldn’t succeed in unseating the Big 610! Most definitely worth your 8 minutes 55 seconds!

Remastered on 8/10/11