Composite: 1470 WSAC Fort Knox, KY – “Truckin’ 72”

I know virtually nothing about WSAC, other than it was on a low-powered ‘graveyard frequency’. According to this tribute site which credits Paul Urbahns with photos and some old survey sheets (not included in this presentation because we don’t have permission… yet), WSAC went on the air on November 16, 1955 at a power of 1,000 watts. An FM station was added later, and is mentioned on this aircheck as an AM/FM simulcast.

Aside from the above mentioned tribute site, there’s virtually no information available on WSAC. I have reason to believe that the station is airing religious broadcasting, as there are two references to EWTN (Catholic Radio) and 1470 Ft. Knox via a Google search, but I can not verify any of that. Perhaps one of our site visitors has more info that I.

This particular aircheck, I think, originally came to me via Tom Prestigiacomo, whom I worked with at WMC-FM in 2005. It sounds like a composite made for one of the trade publications in then in print in 1972. The competition in the area Top 40 format would have been WKLO or WAKY back then. It sounds like WSAC made a concerted effort to be a serious player in the format, but obviously never had much of a chance.

This has an introduction, then takes the listener through an entire broadcast day. At the end of this recording, the announcer exhorts listeners to “Keep on Truckin'”.