Composite: 690 WAPE Jacksonville | September 16, 1971

690 Jacksonville WAPE

Recording Date: 09.16.1971
Station: 690 WAPE (WPDQ/WOKV) Jacksonville FL
Format: Top 40
Branded: “The Big Ape
Featured Air Personalities: Jack McCoy, Larry Dixon, Teddy Bear (Ted Richards) (CKLW), Jay Thomas (WXLO 99X/SiriusXM)
Contributor: Big Apple Airchecks (Website)
Total Time: 11:31




That’s Squeaky the Mouse our night time disk jockey“…

Curator’s Notes:

WAPE lives on today in Jacksonville, on the FM dial as a mainstream CHR, continuing the tradition started over four decades ago on 690 AM. North Florida isn’t exactly the place you’d expect a major Top 40 station, but then again, WAPE, “The Big Ape” wasn’t your average radio station. Home to many who would go on to eventual stardom elsewhere, this onetime larger-than-life Drake station had a killer signal heard from Florida to the Carolinas, the Bahamas and elsewhere!

Here’s a slice of WAPE from 1971. See if you remember any of the names here.

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