Composite: KOMA 1520 Oklahoma City | 1966

1520 Oklahoma City KOMA

Every now and then it’s time to go way back, to before the days when FM was in vogue when AM was king of the hill, and disc jockeys puked their way to the top.

They also ripped off each other’s names in different markets.

This starts out with the Charlie Tuna show. Now, is this THE same Tuna who was a staple at KHJ in Los Angeles? You decide, but the voice is different. Processing? Charlie doesn’t puke, but the guy who comes after him does… yikes, did all the top 40s of the era sound like that? No wonder AM Top 40 got a bad rap.

We’re critical, yes, but overall this is an excellent aircheck for several reasons. First, this is PERSONALITY radio. Jocks using sound effects, shouts, special jingles and everything. And a warmth to this station that you can’t capture in today’s lumbering FM monoliths (and you sure as hell can’t pick up an Oklahoma FM station in Iowa – unless there’s an E-skip opening).

You listen, then comment on what you hear. Better or worse than today?